Kit Garden 433

  • • waterproof box
    • self-learning remote controls
    fixed code provided in the box
    • two channels configurable mode

Receiver kit 2 channels 12A with 2 remote controls 433 MHz suitable for gates, barriers, irrigation and garden lighting

Suitable to replace a defective receiver or to control other devices or to turn on lighting. The receiver can learn 433,92 MHz fix code remote controls. Easy to install it can replace an existing one.

  • Two channels with independent configuration: Monostable (timed) or Bi-stable
  • Compatible with all fix code 433,92 MHz brands
  • 2 self-learning remote controls fixed code provided in the box
  • Easy to install, it can replace the existing receiver
  • Capacity to learn 140 remote controls

Waterproof box


2 self-learning remote controls with fixed code provided in the box


Two channels can be configured in Monostable(timed)/Bi-stablemode

Specification Data

WEIGHT: 550 g

DIMENSIONS: 12 x 9 x 4 cm

POWER: 12V – 27A

Additional information


BARCODE: 8054242080599

TYPE: Radio receiver kit – Outdoor – with 2 radio remote controls. Self learning

CONFIGURATION: Configuration and electric scheme inside blister

MODE: Stable(timed)/Bi-stable

BLISTER CONTENT: Antenna, receiver, 2 RF remote control and instruction manual. Batteries are included




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