High speed HDMI™ 2.0b Cable with Ethernet

  • • 18 Gbps at high speed
    • 4K, Ultra HD, 3D
    • Maximum image and sound quality
    • Gold-plated connector

High speed HDMI™ 2.0b Cable with Ethernet

  • Length 0.9m, 1.8m or 3m
  • Maximum image and sound quality without interference (4K – Ultra HD, 3D)
  • High mechanical resistance.
  • It works with most audio / video devices.
  • Upper audio signal without additional cables.
  • 18 high-speed Gbps
  • Gold-plated A/A type connector

18 Gbps at high speed


4K, Ultra HD, 3D


Maximum image and sound quality


Gold-plated connector

Specification data

WEIGHT: 100 g

DIMENSIONS: 18,5x24x1cm

Additional Information


  • Length 0.9m: SUPAVC001
  • Length 1.8m: SUPAVC002
  • Length 3m: SUPAVC003


  • Length 0.9m: 8054242081299
  • Length 1.8m: 8054242081305
  • Length 3m: 8054242081312

TYPE: HDMI 2.0b cable

COMPATIBLE WITH: TV, SAT/DTT, TV Box, DVD player, Bluray, projectors, audio, lighting, many other devices

PACKAGE CONTENT: Cable, 2 years warranty


  • Length 0.9m: 100 pcs
  • Length 1.8m: 70 pcs
  • Length 3m: 50 pcs


Data sheet

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